Setting Force Charge Times Of Your Batteries

Setting Force Charge Times Of Your Batteries

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This article describes how to set the desired charge times of your batteries.

This guide describes how to set the times remotely via the SolaX Cloud application.

Setting Charge Times Via SolaX Cloud App (Locally)

First of all, download the SolaX Cloud app from either the iOS App Store OR the Google Play store depending on which device you are using

Please note that when setting the force charge times via the SolaX Cloud app, you must be with the system.

Once the app has been downloaded, proceed to the settings on your device and to ‘wifi’, there you will see a list of available networks to connect to, one of which being the ‘SolaX_#########’ network.

Once connected, open up the SolaX Cloud app and select ‘Local Mode’ and login.

Once logged in, click on the gear icon on the bottom left to open up the settings menu.

This will bring up a list of available settings, to set the force charge times we need to click into ‘basic’.

Open up work mode at the bottom, select the drop down icon next to ‘Self Use’ (this is what your system will typically be programmed to out of the box) and choose ‘Force Time Use’ from the list.

You will now be asked to choose charge period 1, please select your desired start and end times and save each selection.

You also need to set the charge period 2 times, to do this click the drop down icon next to charge period 1 and choose charge period 2. Please ensure you set the same times as you did for charge period 1.

Please ensure you save all of your changes.

You can watch a video tutorial below showing this in more detail, the video also shows you how to set the charge times manually using the system display.

Thank you for reading.

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