SolaX Pocket LAN Set-Up

SolaX Pocket LAN Set-Up

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This article describes how to set up the SolaX Cloud using a SolaX Pocket LAN dongle.

Tip: If your router is located a great distance away from the SolaX unit, powerline adapters are a good way of extending the connection.

Plug-in the SolaX Pocket LAN dongle

First of all, plug-in your SolaX Pocket WiFi into the underside of your SolaX inverter.

Once the dongle is plugged in, ensure the ethernet cable is connected into a ‘LAN’ port of the router.

Once the ethernet cable has plugged into the router, please perform a reboot of the router to ensure the router recognises the new LAN connection. The LAN connection is now complete, please go to and sign up.


If you are experiencing data issues after checking the following, please contact your installation company.

Ensure The LAN Cable Is Working

Check that the LAN cable you are using is not defective by plugging it directly from your router into your PC/laptop to see if you are able to browse the internet via a wired connection.

If You Are Using A Powerline Adapter, Ensure These Are Communicating

Most powerline adapters work the same, there are usually 3 lights on each adapter to show the connection. Please refer to the manual of your specific model to ensure that they are communication correctly.

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