Upgrading The Pocket WiFi Firmware

Upgrading The Pocket WiFi Firmware

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This article describes how to upgrade the Pocket WiFi firmware, intended for installers only under the direction from a member of the SolaX technical team.

Important note: The upgrade must be performed using either an Android device or a laptop.

Download The Firmware File

Please download the latest Pocket WiFi firmware file here. Once you have downloaded the file, please unzip this file to a local location on your machine such as the desktop. Note, if you are using an Android smartphone/tablet then you may need a a .ZIP app for this.

Connect To The SolaX Pocket WiFi Dongle

First of all, once the dongle is plugged in and your inverter is on, open up your wireless device and head to the list of available wifi networks, there you will see a network named ‘SolaX_##########’.

*Please note this image was taken on an iMac, your list of wifi networks may look different.

Once you have connected to the SolaX network, open up a web browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox etc. In the address bar at the very top of the page, please enter the IP address ‘’.

Here you will be prompted for a username & password, this is ‘admin’ ‘admin’.

Once you have logged, this is the screen you will see. Please click on ‘System’ heading located at the top

Upload The Firmware File

Once in the system page, please locate the ‘Choose File’ button.

You will now be prompted to select the Pocket WiFi file you downloaded earlier, please navigate to where you saved this file and select it.

Once selected, please click on ‘start’ to start the file upload process.

The file will now begin to upload, once the upload is complete, please re-visit the page as shown above to check the firmware version.

Thank you for reading.

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