Frequently Asked Questions

General Product 9 questions
  • What certification do the SolaX products have?

    You will find certificates, documents of compliance and declarations of conformity in the certification area of this site. Click on the corresponding country to find the relevant downloads.

  • How reliable are SolaX inverters?

    With ageing time over 24 hours, our inverters comply with the latest VDE-AR-N 4105 standard requirements. It’s MTBF trouble-free operation time is more than 100,000 hours and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is less than 1% which is the best performance in comparison to similar products. Moreover, our products have passed the authentication of SAA, CE, AS4777, AS3100, G83, VDE, CSA, FCC, ETL, CQC, ENEL Guide and RD1663.

  • Do you offer remote system monitoring?

    Yes. We offer remote monitoring on all our products, but the platform used may differ depending on the model and age of the inverter. For more information about our new ‘Pocket WiFi’ solution, visit – Please refer to the relevant product datasheet for connection options.

  • Do you offer a sizing tool?

    Yes, our sizing tool is an online resource and can be accessed for free here:

  • The solar module I am using is not listed on the sizing tool, can I add it manually?

    The module database is continually updated, however if you cannot find the relevant PV module you can add it manually by accessing ‘Settings’ and selecting ‘Administer my modules’ and enter the appropriate values. Please note that the table must be filled in completely. Click OK to save your entry. The module is now available when you design your layout with SolaX Design.

  • Are SolaX inverters suitable for installation near the coast?

    Yes. During the development of our inverters comprehensive tests have been carried out. The housing, cover, cover seal as well as the connection components undergo salt spray tests in accordance with EN 60068-2-52. Our inverters are designed to be installed in areas with adverse environmental conditions. Amongst other things, the high protection class of the inverter contributes to this. This very demanding test is not a standard part of the CE examination and is carried out voluntarily by SolaX.

  • Do SolaX inverters emit noise?

    SolaX inverters fulfill all the regulations and specifications that apply to them and are well below permissible thresholds.
    Unfortunately, the conversion of direct current into alternating current is not completely silent. Therefore SolaX does not recommend installation directly in a living area. You will find further information on the requirements of a suitable installation location in the installation manual which accompanies every inverter. In periods when the inverter does not feed energy into the public grid, (if the solar irradiation is not sufficient or during the night hours) it switches off and disconnects itself completely from the grid. In this state, no noise or electromagnetic radiation is produced whatsoever by the inverter. The noise emission < 40 dB –Hybrid Single phase without fan makes little noise < 25 dB Three phase with fan < 50 dB

  • Who can install SolaX products?

    Only professional technicians qualified to install PV and battery storage systems in their relevant country/territory are permitted to install SolaX products.

  • Do you offer installation training courses?

    Yes, but this does vary from country to country. The installation of our grid-tied, string inverters does not require specialist training. However, we strongly recommend that installers contact us before attempting to install their first Hybrid inverter (with batteries). in some countries (the UK for example) we offer a ‘Premium installer’ programme that requires engineers to attend a one-day course focused on the correct installation and configuration of our X-Hybrid range.

Monitoring 3 questions
  • Is wifi connectivity covered under warranty?

    No, however, if the inverter has an internal WiFi adapter(older models will have this), it will be replaced under the exchange programme if it is proven that the WiFi adaptor is faulty. If the inverter is emitting a WiFi signal but no data is being received to the cloud, then this will fall outside the terms of the warranty.

    Also, if the WiFi connectivity is subject to external factors such as range and relies on the correct configuration of third-party devices such as routers, factors that are beyond the control of SolaX then this will not be covered under warranty.

    Our latest product range is supplied with an external ‘plug & play’ WiFi adapter which will be replaced under warranty if proved to be faulty.

  • Do I have to use wifi for system monitoring?

    No. We also offer a LAN connection module called the ‘Pocket LAN’ which enables a direct ethernet connection to your SolaX system. This is sometimes not the most practicable option as often systems are quite a distance from the network in the house/business. A good workaround for this is to use a power-line adaptor, this will enable the connection to be sent around the mains meaning a wired connection can be achieved at a distance.

    SolaX are also developing GPRS communication and will be looking to release a GPRS module in the near future.

  • What is the maximum wifi range?

    There is no defined maximum. Any WiFi connection is subject to range restrictions – and these can be influenced by a variety of eternal factors. To test whether WiFi connectivity will be possible prior to install, try standing in the location where the inverter will be installed and use a smartphone to see if it can see the customer’s WiFi signal (but this is not a guarantee and should only be used as a guide).

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