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SolaX Three Phase X3 Retro Fit Charger - High Voltage

SolaX Power is delighted to announce the release of our new X3 Retro Fit Charger. Generate energy from your solar panels during the day, once the background load is satisfied, the intelligent SolaX X3 Retro Fit will direct excess energy into your battery for later use. Enabling you to make the most use of your generated energy. If your home experiences a loss of power, the X3 Retro Fit will then send the stored power back to the home, ensuring you are never left in the dark even during a power-cut. 

  • Add To Existing PV
  • Charge From Grid
  • Online Monitoring
  • Max Efficiency Up To 97%
  • Emergency Power Supply
  • 'Plug & Play' Installation

Generate solar power during the day for use in the home, when the background load is satisfied, charge your
batteries with free, clean solar energy. Discharge your stored energy during the evening when the sun has gone down, charge your batteries back
up over night on a cheaper tariff.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

See How It Works In The Home

The site of Heron Creek, Cornwall, United Kingdom. A house powered by a SolaX X-Hybrid inverter with two 6.3kWh Triple Power batteries. Since having the system installed, they are using more than half the amount of grid electricity than before.

Emergency Power Supply

Never Lose Power

With the  SolaX X-Hybrid you can ensure that you never go without power, even during a power-cut. An emergency power supply or ‘EPS’ switch (only available on ‘E’ models) enables the X-Hybrid to work completely off-grid, meaning that any power you have stored on your batteries will now be used in the event of a power cut.

Control Your Energy

X-Hybrid Export Control

With the X-Hybrid you can easily set your power export limits based on local requirements. The X-Hybrid comes with built-in export control, allowing you to manage the power you generate, exactly how you want to. 

Electronic Downloads

X3 Retro-Fit Product Downloads

View The Technical Specifications

Nominal AC power [VA]800010000
Max apparent power [VA]800010000
Nominal grid voltage(AC voltage range) [V]400/230VAC;380/220VAC
Nominal grid frequency/range [Hz]50/60
Nominal AC current [A]11.614.5
Displacement power factor0.8 leading.. 0.8 lagging
THDi, rated power [%]<2
Max. apparent AC power [VA]800010000
Max. AC current [A]12.816.0
Nominal grid voltage (AC voltage range) [V]400/230;380/220
Nominal grid frequency/range[Hz]50/60
Battery voltage range [V]160-800
Max continuous charge/discharge current [A] 35(1H)
Communication interfacesCAN/RS485
Reverse connect protectionYes
EPS max continuous apparent power [VA]800010000
EPS rated voltage[V], Frequency [Hz]400/230;380/220 50/60
EPS max continuous current [A]11.614.5
EPS peak apparent power [VA] Duration [s]10000 6010000 60
Changeover time [s]<1.5
THDv, linear load<2
Changeover deviceExternal
Three phases unbalancedYes
Efficiency 95.60
MPPT efficiency99.9
Euro efficiency97.0
Max battery charge efficiency (GRID to BAT)96.0
Max battery discharge efficiency (BAT to AC)96.5
Power Consumption
Standby consumption (night) [W]<7
Safety & Protection
Over/under voltage protectionYES
Monitoring ground fault protectionYES
Grid protectionYES
EMCEN 61000-6-1 / EN 61000-6-2 / EN 61000-6-3
CertificationVDE 4105 / AS4777 / EN50549 / CEI 0-21 / G98 / G99 / G100
Environment Limit
Degree of protection(according to IEC60529)IP65
Operating temperature range [°C]-20~+60(derating at +45)
Max operation altitude [m]2000
Humidity [%]0~100 (non condensing)
Storage temperature [°C]-20~+60
Typical noise emission [dB]40
Dimension & Weight
Weight [kg]38
Cooling conceptNatural
LCD displayBacklight 20*4 character
Standard warranty [year]5-10
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