SolaX Pocket WiFi Set-Up

SolaX Pocket WiFi Set-Up

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This article describes how to set up the SolaX Cloud using a SolaX Pocket WiFi dongle.

Important note: You will need a wireless device to complete this set-up such as a smartohone, tablet or laptop.

Plug-in the SolaX Pocket Wi-Fi dongle

First of all, plug-in your SolaX Pocket WiFi into the underside of your SolaX inverter.

Connect to the SolaX network

Once the dongle is plugged in and your inverter is on, open up your wireless device and head to the list of available wifi networks, there you will see a network named ‘SolaX_##########’.

Click and connect to this network.

*Please note this image was taken on an iMac, your list of wifi networks may look different.

Enable router/inverter communication

Once you have connected to the SolaX network, open up a web browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox etc. In the address bar at the very top of the page, please enter the IP address ‘’.

Here you will be prompted for a username & password, this is ‘admin’ ‘admin’.

Once you have logged, this is the screen you will see. Please click on ‘Find AP’ to bring up a list of networks available for the SolaX inverter to connect to.

Once you have clicked on this, a list of networks will be displayed. These are all networks in range of your SolaX inverter, please click on your router name from the list to select it.

Once you have clicked on your router, you will be returned to the first screen but now your router name will be populated in the ‘SSID’ box.

Please now type your network password in the key box, please note that this is case sensitive.

Please note that if your network name has any spaces or special characters in it, once you select this from the list the system will automatically add ‘%20’ in replace of these. Please remove these and add a manual space/special character.

Click on ‘save’ to save the configuration. You now need to visit and sign up.

Video Tutorial

That’s it, you have finished setting up the communication between your SolaX inverter and your network. If you have had trouble getting set up, please watch the video below. This video also shows you how to create an account on the SolaX Cloud.


If you are experiencing data issues after checking the following, please contact your installation company.

Check The SSID & Password

Often people change their SSID name to a custom name, sometimes these include spaces e.g. “Home Network”.

If your SSID name has any spaces in or special characters, please ensure that once you have selected it from the list, it appears how it should in the SSID box. Sometimes the system will change any spaces or special characters to “%20”, this needs to manually removed and corrected.

Also, please ensure the password you are entering is correct.

Different Router Frequencies

Often routers will broadcast their signals on two different frequencies, usually 2.4GHz & 5GHz. The main difference between the two is that 5GHz provides faster data rates at a shorter distance, 2.4GHz offers coverage for farther distances but may perform at slower speeds. This means that even though the 5GHz may be faster, it isn’t as reliable. SolaX always recommends using the 2.4GHz network if available.

Ensure signal strength is not below 70%

SolaX recommends that your wifi signal should not be below 70%. When selecting your network from the list as shown above, please ensure your strength is not below 70%. If it is, there are wifi range extenders available to boost wifi signal at a distance.

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